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ENCON Green Club

The ENCON GREEN CLUB of SJCET was started by the Electrical Engineering Department to focus on Energy Conservation activities. Effective Energy Utilization & identifying the areas of possible energy conservation at SJCET are the main objectives of ENCON GREEN CLUB.
Our goal is to become as self reliant as possible in the use of energy and water in our campus and be an example to other institutions. ENCON GREEN CLUB was inaugurated on 12th October  2009. 


ENCON GREEN CLUB OF SJCET secured BEST ENCON CLUB AWARD 2012 in the Professional College category from BPCL Kochi Refinery. This award is an eloquent testimony of the significant contribution made by the SJCET Team led by Prof. P. V. Varkey, HoD, Dept. of EEE, to the conservation of energy and protection of environment.

 ENCON GREEN CLUB OF SJCET secured Runner up ENCON CLUB AWARD 2011 in the Professional

College category from BPCL Kochi Refinery.

Energy Conservation measures at SJCET include Demand Side Management, Power Factor Improvement, Energy Efficient Distribution, Energy Efficient Lighting, Automatic optimum switching of stand-by Generators for Energy Efficiency, Use of High Efficiency UPSs and LCD Monitors, Steam Cooking, Biogas Plant, Solar Water Heaters, Rain Water Harvesting, Incinerator for avoiding open burning of waste, Waste Water Treatment for water recycling etc. Energy conservation activities on the anvil include the installation of 10kW Solar Electric Plant for the Canteen Building, Hi-Tech GREEN HOUSE for Vegetable Cultivation, Afforestation of two acres of College campus and construction of a 6 storied building following Green Building Concept.

Staff in charge                        :       Tomson Thomas, Asst. Professor, Dept. of EEE

Student Secretary                   :      Naveen Cherian, S5 EEE

           The Electrical Engineering Association of EEE Dept, along with the ‘ENCON GREEN Club’ of SJCET jointly conducted a project exhibition EMINEO – 12 for eighth semester EEE students on 2nd May 2012 based on the theme ‘Energy Conservation’. 

National Conference on “Need for Energy Management” was conducted in August 2011 

Under the Social Outreach Programme, special training was given to the house wives of nearby Panchayaths







ENCON GREEN Club celebrated “ENCON WEEK” in September 2012, by conducting Quiz Programme, Drawing Competition & Essay Writing Competition as a part of the activities of ENCON GREEN Club to promote conservation of energy and protection of environment among students.


ENCON GREEN Club Members together with faculty members of Electrical Engineering Dept. of SJCET completed studies on the following areas. 


Project Name

Guide of the project


Implementation of Bio gasification in  SJCET

Mr.Aju S. Nair


Energy Analysis in Computer and related applications

Mr.Resmara S
Mr.SinoJacob Mathew


Electrical Energy Consumption Pattern Analysis of  SJCET

Mr.Tomson Thomas


Waste Water Treatment / Rain water Harvesting and its Environmental Effects in SJCET - A case study

Mr. Rijo Rajan


Feasibility Study of Renewable Energy Technologies in  SJCET

Mr. Arun S. Gopinath

The Specific Energy Consumption of Electricity at SJCET is 220 units/annum/student. We are trying to reduce this to the extreme possible every year.  ENCON GREEN Club of SJCET intends to focus its activities on the documentation of energy utilization pattern to identify the areas where Energy Conservation is further possible at SJCET.

The College campus is always maintained clean and eco-friendly. Energy conservation measures get a top priority in the strategic planning of the college. The Management and all other responsible functionaries work together for the conservation of energy. We do not leave any stone unturned in the matter of conserving energy.


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