AeI-Labs & facilities

The department has currently four laboratories, as mentioned below:

Virtual Instrumentation Lab

vi lab

The Virtual Instrumentation/simulation lab is equipped with NI LabView, MATLAB/SIMULINK, RIDE, Keil  NI data acquisition hardware like NI USB 6009 and NI ELVIS II etc. We are giving an exposure of Modeling and Simulation of Virtual Real Time Systems. Virtual Instrumentation lab is the used by the students to create customizable software and user defined Virtual Instruments.

Process Control Lab

Instrumentation graduate students should be affluent with some practical experiences with process industries. Process control instrumentation lab provides some practical familiarity   about control of different process plants like Temperature, Pressure, Flow, and Level. Sophisticated machines provide the students to study about different real time control schemes and MATLAB simulation.

process control lab

Instrumentation Lab
The central instrumentation laboratory facility of our dept is equipped with the facilities for laboratory practices as well as research in Industrial Electronics, Measurement Systems, pure and applied Instrumentation etc. The Lab consists of  CRO, Power supply, Function Generator various modules for the measurement of flow, level, pressure etc to improve their skills in this area.  Lab is housed in a spacious floor area of 125 sq.ft.  and it accounts   899372 in assets.

circuits lab
Electronic Circuits Lab
 Electronic circuit’s laboratory is the platform where the professionals get acquainted with the basic concepts and their practical deliberates in deep. We are providing innovative laboratory practices like  design of  filters, power supplies, amplifiers,  and soldering practices . Lab is housed in a spacious floor area of 125 sq.ft. and it accounts 7 lacks in assets inclusive of recurring and non recurring items.

Digital IC Lab

The Digital Electronics Lab offers a base for the students to design and develop a number of digital circuits that could serve as a base for their innovative ideas in the field of digital electronics. By the facility of this lab we are providing a platform for the students to improve their design skills in the areas of digital systems.