Department Associations

 isa sjcet

The Instrument Students Association(ISA) was established at SJCET in the academic year. All teaching, non teaching staffs as well as students of Applied Electronics & Instrumentation Department are members of the ISA by default.The objective of ISA is to provide a forum, which will effectively represent the interest and concerns of students of Applied Electronics and Instrumentation department, for pooling their knowledge and experience, supporting the initiatives and events that enrich the career. The ISA conducts various programs for the students of Applied Electronics & Instrumentation and other branches of the college that will benefit them in their academic development.Read more

csea sjcet

The Computer Science & Engineering Association (CSEA) of St. Josephs College of Engineering & Technology was established in the year 2004.All teaching ,non teaching staffs as well as students of Computer Science Department are members of the CSEA by default.The objectives are

  • To enhance the technical knowledge in the field of computers by conducting quizzes, seminars, group discussions, meeting and other similar activities and thereby increasing the confidence level of students.
  • To develop leadership quality and initiative and promote a feeling of responsibility in them.
  • To teach the art of working in a group
  • To make the students aware of various emerging areas in the field of computing and various areas of research and development
  • To prepare the students to attend and win various competitive examinations and interviews
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cea sjcet

Civil Engineering Association(CEA) was formed with the primary objective of exposing budding civil engineers of SJCET to the challenges of profession. The association promotes the talents of students in extra and co-curricular activities and keeps students and staff aware of the latest in the field through technical talks and seminars. The association was inaugurated by Er. P.M. Chacko, former president of Institutionof Engineers India (IEI) on 28th September 2011.Read more

ecsa sjcet

The Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering has always been a Trend Setter of this institution. The electronics students' association was proposed with the objective to organize various activities that contributes to the academic and professional development of students along with leadership qualities, teamwork and other essential employability skills.Read more

eea sjcet

The association is for developing leadership qualities in students, arranging seminars and invited talks, acquiring knowledge in latest developments in Electrical Engineering etc. HoD is the Patron and one staff member is the President of the Association. All other office bearers are selected from the students of Electrical Engineering. The present staff in charge of the Association is Mr. Jojin Thomas, Asst. Professor, EEE Department.The Association organized various programs for the holistic development of the Electrical Engineering Students which include a National Level Technical Symposium organized on 07th March 2009.Read more

mea sjcet

Mechanical Engineering is a basic branch in engineering whose concepts have been developed in a progressive manner. A mechanical engineer easily fits into design, manufacturing, management, computer sector service or any other field. The Mechanical Engineering Association of SJCET was inaugurated on 4th September 2004 by Mr. I. Raman, MD, WELDCRAFT Ltd. Bangalore. The association provides the leadership to organize various activities that will enhance the self confidence and horizon of knowledge of the mechanical engineering students in their field of study and help them to develop various interpersonal skills needed for securing a good job.Read more