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About Music Club

The mission of Music Club is to empower individual creativity at the crossroads of technology and music. We affirm our faith in and our devotion to the Music Club, which, as a serious and distinctive medium for musical expression, may be of vital service and importance to its members, its institution, and its art. To its institution the Music Club offers adequate concerts and performances at appropriate functions and ceremonies, in the interest of music culture and entertainment, and for the enhancement of institutional spirit and character.


“To its members the Music Club, through exemplary practices in organization, training, and presentation, should endeavor to provide effective experiences in musical education, in music culture, in musical recreation and in general citizenship”

Rev. Fr. Jose Tharappel


Bursar, SJCET

Mr. Don Cyril Thomas

Staff In Charge
Assistant Professor
Department of Electrical & Electronics Engg.,
SJCET Palai.
Email            :doncyrilthomas@sjcetpalai.ac.in
Mobile No.   :+91 9747911443

  • Music is divine. It is a special gift from God. Music keeps all creations in peace and harmony. If you love music and practice it, your mind and personality become calm and enthusiastic. You feel more divine in your mind and feel more comfort with all creations.   “Love Music, Listen Music, Practice Music and Promote Music” God Bless You
    Rev. Fr. Jose Tharappel

  • The Music Club of SJCET, wish to add another memorable eve “RHYTHM-2015” to its golden collection. The club has proved it vigour in its area in the past years. The Music Club had many play back singers, composers and lyricists in its tenure. Ms. Riya Raju of (2009-2013) batch was awarded Mirchi Film Fare Award for new voice of South India for the song “Ninnodenikulla Pranayam Cholluvan…….” for the movie Dr. Love. Our new album is in its production stage which is yet to release.
  • To these ends we, the members of this Club pledge ourselves to seek individual and collective growth as musicians, as teachers, as co-coordinators, and as administrators. The Music club members of SJCET participated in a TV show named STAR WARS. Also the first audio album named 6th module was released in the year 2009 by the Music Club .The 6th module Audio CD was released at SJCET campus by Mr.Madhu Balakrishnan, the famous Malayalam play back singer.

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