Vision & Mission

  • Vision

    To develop into a world-class, pace-setting Institute of Engineering and Technology with distinct identity and character and offering a variety of programmes and services that meets the goals and aspirations of the people.

  • Mission

    To be a leading provider of technical education programmes and related services of the highest quality and standards of excellence to meet the demands of business, industry and the community and thereby to contribute to India's socioeconomic progress.

  • Value System

    • Abiding faith in the almighty
    • Integrity and openness‚Ä≥
    • Respect for the individual
    • Gender and social equity
    • Recognition for creativity and achievement
    • Total quality and market relevance
    • Service to mankind
    • Accountability to society
    • Harmony with nature
  • Quality Policy

    • Strategic planning approach to development
    • Commitment to TQM and Continuous Improvement
    • Top quality faculty and infrastructure
    • Fully computerized services with SMART CARDS for student/staff
    • Team work and consultation at all levels
    • Most effective and efficient teaching -learning process
    • Learning skills development programmes
    • Absolutely clean and co friendly campus